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The Year of Health

As I mentioned around this time last year, I like to do themes and not resolutions. I was inspired by the Cortex podcast to try themes instead of resolutions, so let's talk about my theme this year, Health.

What does it mean?

This year, I'll be focusing on my health, both physical and mental. I did take a lot of time last year to work on my mental health by starting therapy and now it's time to add the physical part. I'm not going to stop working on the mental part though. I'll be adding in more physical activity through out the day either through walks, Apple Fitness + workouts, or going to the gym ๐Ÿ‹๏ธ.

Why focus on my health?

Last year, while focusing on growth in my iOS skills and content creation, I kinda let my physical health go a bit. I did the bare minimum to keep the dogs exercised, but that's about it. I think to be a really healthy person, I need to focus on my physical health a bit more at least as much as my mental health.

Goals around my health:

To help me focus on my health I have a few goals:

That's my theme this year. Let me know yours!

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