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Vlogmas Day 8

Vlogmas Day 8: The one that almost didnt happen... Today was a busy day, but I ended up getting the camera out and doing some rough edits. youtu.be/noEgDfv14...

Today's my birthday, so I always think it's a great day to think about the goals I set last year and the goals I want to hit in the next year.

Reflection on last years goals

  1. Read 3 books - which I hit
  2. Make 3 Lego sets - definitely hit and had a blast doing it
  3. App brings in $50 MRR - did not hit, but I'm still working towards it

Even though I didn't hit all my goals this year, I am still proud of everything I've accomplished. This year, I started freelancing for iOS work, which I talked about a bit in a previous video and I accepted an iOS position full time.

I also have been working on myself and really figuring out who I am, which the books really helped with.

This past year, has definitely been a positive one.

This years goals

Now, let's look into what I want to accomplish in the next year, before I hit 30.

  1. $50 MRR from my own apps- I'm going to carry this one over because I think this is totally doable especially because I want to cut down on some freelance projects as I mentioned in another video. Also, there might be a new app idea a brewing.
  2. Finish iHog's move over ti the composable architecture
  3. Bullet Journal every work day
    • More focus by not thinking about what's next
    • Don't want to use a digital tool cause I'll get distracted

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